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MDST 3220 - Personal Branding Assignment


In today's media climate, it is lucrative to possess some measure of a personal brand, or brand narrative to set yourself apart from your competitors, and to begin to identifying oneself as an expert in our field.

But let's be honest... being 21 and an expert are hardly ideas that go hand in hand, and there is now world that I want to live in where I could be considered an expert. 

I am a student of digital media, and have been paying for school since first year with freelance photography and videography. I don't seek to be an expert, so much as chase excellence in these media. Such a mindset inspires me to never be satisfied, always pursue the next level of success, and stay hungry.



"So incredibly professional, in his work and in demeanour at the event itself. He was an absolute pleasure to work with at my wedding. Some photographers capture pictures. Brandon Captures moments."- Naiha Shazad

"When Brandon first entered our home he brought an air of fun and enthusiasm which helped us feel immediately at ease... Brandon was unfazed by our evolving plans. His YES-attitude was indeed refreshing.  The day of our wedding he arrived prepared and blended into the mayhem perfectly. He captured the smiles, embraces and spontaneous moments, taking control of the job at hand in an unobtrusive manner. We enjoyed rather than endured our photographs being taken. We are delighted with our wedding photographs and love showing them to our friends and family."- Wade and Marianne

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