Brandon Ferguson Photography


My mom always said that I got the eyes and my brother got the ears.

That kid is persistent- every hour of the day he can be heard hammering out new tunes on his guitar, and I suppose his years of passionate music pursuit has begun to rub off on me. 

I photographed him once preforming for a school talent show and was astounded by how connected I felt not only to him, but to the music that was being played. It was as though my lens was something of a cypher- a way to decode the notes so I could see the true beauty behind the sounds of the instruments: it was a way to appreciate the artists that worked to express themselves.

That is my hallmark with music and concert photography- it isn't just about the event or the music, but the people that unite audiences with their sounds and messages. It's the slight smiles during guitar solos, and intensive foot tapping during an artist's chorus that will see me pursuing music photography long after my hair is lined with grey.