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Fizzy Fuzzy Floats?

Yes. A Fizzy Fuzzy Float. Had someone told me on Monday morning that I would be enjoying a Fizzy Fuzzy Float in downtown Guelph surrounded by almost a dozen feline friends, I would have told them... well, yeah that sounds like me.

My boy Baxter

My boy Baxter

It's my mission to explore the many nooks and crannies of Cambridge, KW and Guelph this summer as a means to appreciate my hometown. It dawned on me earlier this year that I felt restricted by the photographic opportunities available to me in the aforementioned cities, particularly in comparison to the streets and hustle and bustle of Toronto where I spend my time studying.

"Can we keep him?"

"Can we keep him?"

This has been made all the more easy thanks to the adventurous spirit of my girlfriend Carly- someone who can be described as much of an awesome adventress as she is a cat connoisseur. Taken together, these traits served as the inspiration for Carly and I investigating the "My Kitty Cafe" in Guelph, a cozy coffee shop where you are kept company by a crew of kittens. 

Cat cafe-4.jpg

Beyond being smothered with affection by a plethora of pussy cats, the staff in "MKC" was exceptionally hospitable- bringing us treats to share with the cats, and making the aforementioned Fizzy Fuzzy Floats (potentially the best ice cream float I've had since my mom introduced me to such a desert when I was 5) all the while with a twinkle in their eyes, and a smile playing about their lips. 

Cat cafe-5.jpg

I consider myself a pseudo cat person, while Carly is a 10th level feline fanatic, so we were both astounded when we were approached by the 7-10 cats that were living comfortable in their own kitten paradise in the spacious backroom of the cafe amidst a jungle of cat climbing space, homey arm chairs where one could sit to enjoy coffee and gentle reminders adorning the walls that described how the cats deserve to be respected.

Cat cafe-6.jpg

Now here is where I throw it back to you- assuming you're read this far. I am excited to continue exploring the places in and around my Hespeler Home that make this part of the world so worth exploring. Where do you go to relax? To explore? To seek adventure? Leave a comment, shoot me a message on Facebook. I have a camera and a summer that needs to be chalk full of adventure. Where do I go next?

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