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RIVEX: Introduction to my Journey to Photographing Boots and Hearts

"Brandon," I thought to myself one night in a cold sweat,  anxiously awaiting sleep as I tried to fathom answers to a rather extensive list of obstacles in my life, "How will anyone ever take your multimedia skills seriously if you can't sink your teeth into some more substantial gigs?"

I didn't sleep that night.

And to be honest, I didn't sleep for several nights after that, once I surmised a goal that would help put me on some degree of a multimedia map: Photograph a Music Festival

This goal imposed a problem: I had no idea how to get into a music festival that could be quantified as credible.

Another problem: for a lanky guy that lives in Hespeler, music is not easy to come by.

The solution? As a lanky guy that lives in Hespeler I enjoy the occasional cold drink, irregardless if I am in Hespeler or on my campus at Humber, where I would enjoy time in my campus pub. It was here that I would begin to find my roots as a concert photographer and would soon earn the opportunity of photographing Boots and Hearts later this summer. 

To clarify, the above photo is not from Boots and Hearts. Instead it's part of the journey that will lead to me shooting Boots (hypothetically), as well as a blog series that will detail a number of exciting moments leading up to such a festival.

The above shot is from my "audition" as the official photographer for Humber's campus pub and night club Linx, and the first time I was ever in a concert situation. If you are a photographer and have any interest in music, but are weary of addiction, stay clear of combining the two passions. I have yet to find such an enriching way to experience sights and sounds than to photograph a musician preforming. This feeling would see me pursuing several concerts throughout the year.

X-Prime at Humber's Orientation 2016

X-Prime at Humber's Orientation 2016

Technicolour Dreams' Paint Party at Humber's Frosh 2016

Technicolour Dreams' Paint Party at Humber's Frosh 2016

Coleman Hell at Mississauga's New Year Eve Celebration 2016

Coleman Hell at Mississauga's New Year Eve Celebration 2016

Unfortunately, while an exhaustive way to involve one's self in music and photography, concert photography does not typically pay the bills (at least not in the case of a rookie such as myself), so I enjoyed the unique opportunity of working as the pub photographer for Linx, documenting the exuberant atmosphere of our campus pub for the school year.

I owe a lot of thanks to the creative staff at Linx for diligently pursuing a vast array of theme nights with one of the most popular being their Country Nights, consistently DJ'ed by the coolest (and only) country DJ I know- the uber talented and ever smilingĀ  Johnny Rivex.

Check out some of his work below.

I appreciated working with Johnny all year- he never failed to ignite the dance floor, which meant that I got to grab some AWESOME photos of college students doing as they do.

During Johnny's last set of the school year, I approached him asking if he knew any gigs that I could come hang out with him at and work on capturing him in action. He smiled, saying he'd think about it, as he pushed the volume on his mixer even higher.

Fast forward a few weeks and I receive a message from Johnny saying that he found 3 opportunities where we could work together capturing moments over the summer, all three of which being music festivals (Boom. Obstacle into opportunity).

One would see Johnny in Port Credit for The Mississauga Waterfront Festival where Johnny would be kicking off an awesome country concert to start up the festival season. When? Today (June 16th) at 5pm- if you're around come check it out.

Another would see Johnny killing it on the main stage for the Music in the Fields Festival in Lucknow Ontario.

Finally, the cherry on top: Johnny is a Boots and Hearts DJ that gets to hang with the likes of Luke Bryan and Keith Urban. He's going huge with a capital H!

I am humbled and beyond excited to be able to road trip with Johnny throughout this summer and capture his awesome skills on a set of turn tables through my lens as he wows country fans across Ontario with his unique talents.

I'm hoping to share my experiences (and photos) from this adventure filled summer via a series on this blog.

The only question that remains is if someone has a pair of boots I can borrow!

Brandon Ferguson