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How Many Weddings Have You Been To, Where There Were 7 MCs?!

Jon and Robin Ceremony (80d)-2.jpg

I love the phrase "there's a fist time for anything but...

I believe I received enough "first times" during my most recent wedding shoot to last me... well, all of the time.

Some background. My bread and butter is wedding photography. I shot my first wedding with in six months of getting my first camera, and I will never forget how it made me feel to see the excited looks on the faces of the bride and groom. It was like seeing them relive some of the most  gratifying moments, and reminiscing over their fantastic day with each passing frame. 

With this in mind, when my Uncle John and his Fiancé Robin asked for me to "take some pictures and help with a couple of things", I jumped at the opportunity, but had no idea I was in for one of the most crazily awesome multi tasking filled days that I could possibly imagine.

With their request came the first "first": Photographing the Wedding of an Uncle.

In my experience John and Robin have a unique knack of being very honest and direct people, while still managing to be exceptionally heartfelt, and their wedding day reflected this to a T. Their quaint ceremony and reception was held at the "Old Marina", on a warm (if a little windy) day in June, with John and Robin comfortably surrounded by their closest friends and family (my brother and I snuck in... some would call us wedding crashers, save for the fact that I was photographing the event and my brother was DJing).

As John welcomed guests, I got to sneak a couple shots of Robin, who looked as brilliant as the sun was bright.

One of my favourite things about the day was how willing John and Robin were able to create a wedding day on their terms. Consider Robin's bridal party: a traditionalist would say that a bride ought to be escorted by several of the bride's closest friends, instead of (in the case of Robin) the brides two granddaughters and would be Daughter in law, while being walked down the isle by her son.

Jon and Robin Ceremony (6d)-6.jpg

Unfortunately, I'm at a loss for words to try and describe the amount of happiness that was present in the ceremony... if only I had a camera to help tell that story...

As we moved inside to prepare for diner, John and Robin had a surprise in store, one that would involve me facilitating a crowd- the second "first": Wearing both a professional photographer hat and an MC hat at the same time.

You see, John and Robin didn't just want a meandering line of speeches. They wanted raw emotion, visceral memories and unique anecdotes supplied by the cordial crew of guests they had assembled to help them celebrate their wedding day. The various tables were tasked with compiling a short compilation of stories that would then be shared with the whole room.

Enter the fourth "First": Attending a wedding with 7 MCs

I think I learned more about my Uncle and (new) Aunt more in that hour than I could have in a lifetime of Christmas Diners or family fires. With the conclusion of speeches came an opportunity for cake cutting (complete with a chain saw sound effect) and a photo opp. for all guests.

At this point I got to put on another hat for the 5th first: MC, DJ and Photograph the couple's first dance (and resulting after party).

To recap, this wedding was perfect in every last sense of the word. I feel honoured to have been able to contribute the beginning of this new chapter in John and Robin's life, but more importantly to have been immersed in some exceptionally heart felt moments that spanned two lifetimes, in the same way that they saw two lives come together. John and Robin, I wish you two all the best, and hope your wedding day is everything you could have hoped for!