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You Would NOT Believe the Size of These Brownies!

Within the first few hours of meeting me you will become aware of two immutable facts: one, I require a one-hundred per cent gluten free diet to, like, continue breathing (#CeliacProbs) and two, I am a rather large human being. At 6'4" I'm usually the first person to know when it's about to rain and I have a keen intolerance for abnormally short doorways. 

Taken together, these qualities impose a unique limitation on the food that I eat. If I manage to find something Gluten Free to eat, I can pretty much promise you that the portion size will NOT be big enough to fullfill someone that is proportionally larger than the next human. 

At least, this is what I thought until I met this brownie...


Enter Star Bakery.

Star Bakery is my new Nirvana- a paradise for those seeking Gluten Free treats. Why? Their brownies are HUGE- just look at the image above!

How did I end up in Star Bakery on a rainy Friday afternoon? To put it succinctly, Star Bakery is not just a rockstar in the way it supports a wide array of customers, but in the way it supports local artistic endeavours.

Enter Chris Alexander.


Chris is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, stoked to help foster the photographic talent in Hespeler Ontario. Chris has been working hard to find opportunities for local artists to showcase their talent, and one of the first sites to support the efforts of his movement, called Exposure, is Star Bakery. If you see Chris, he deserves a high five, or perhaps even a high 10.

Each month this spring, Star Bakery is featuring work from local photographers on it's walls, and I'm excited to be able to feature some of my work for the month of May.

My Photos for Star

My work is collection of images that I've captured in my time exploring Hespeler and Newfoundland. This is the first time that I've ever printed and displayed my work on this scale and I can honestly say I'm excited...

I mean, if it weren't for this opportunity, I would never have come face to face with the largest Gluten Free brownie I've ever seen.

If you have moment be sure to swing into Star Bakery for a quick snack, have a look at some of the awesome work being done by local talent and say hi to Dan- the guy is super cool, laid back and cares about his community! In the meantime check out the digital versions of what I have hanging in Star.

Here's to rocking the rest of your weekend!


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