Brandon Ferguson Photography


About Me

2018 is a unique time to be alive. A time for new media. A time for story tellers. A time for sharing stories about the moments that make life matter.


Who I Am

My name is Brandon Ferguson and I am an enthusiastic, dynamic photographer and multimedia specialist who serves southern Ontario. Since picking up camera early in 2015, I was instantly addicted to capturing memories and telling stories. I am currently studying Visual Communication in the Media studies at the University of Guelph-Humber, and liaise with multiple departments in Humber College to create engaging and expressive digital media content. 


What I Do


At the end of my first year in university, I began the adventure of my professional career: I committed myself to the pursuit of excellent story telling. While I currently specialize in photography and videography I am developing my multi-media skills and am currently refining the quality of the stories I tell. I excel at capturing memories and emotions in a number of fast paced environments such as weddings, concerts, festivals and celebrations and am passionate about connecting with people that share a love for reflecting on life's wonderful moments. I don't believe in just taking pictures... I believe in working with you to learn what is important in your life. I believe in weaving emotions and energy in the frames collected by camera. I believe in telling stories that transcend time, thanks to the emotions they inspire.

I believe in what I can create, and am excited to share my passion with you.